We offer a variety of services to our members and community including:

General Chatroom

FREE ---> Come get your feet wet in our chatroom! Enjoy an environment that is Securities focused that promotes asking questions while learning profitable methods (strategies).

Main Trading Floor

Available to basic Level Members. This is where the action is! Come join Cranmer and Company for an exciting day of stock trading and see his plays first, here!

Specialist Channels

tier 2 members ---> Have a specific strategy you prefer? Come check-out our strategy specific plays and Trade Your Way.

Trading Robots

Take control of our robot and command it to provide you with a wide array of helpful data!!


We provide personalized classrooms on all types of technical, fundamental and trading strategies. This will include live Q&A sessions along with one of our market analyst.


What are our followers are saying about us?

Initially, when I joined up with Evolution Trading, I was expecting this to be just an added resource that I might use to help confirm some of my ideas on trades or set-ups throughout the trading day. However, after just a few short weeks, I can honestly say that it is one of the most valuable tools that I use during my day. The first week alone would have paid for any membership dues or fees associated with this level of access. I think what I have been most impressed with though, is the level of care taken in making sure that each trader is LEARNING and GROWING with the room. It has been refreshing to say the least and I can confidently say that Evolution Trading has now become my most valuable trading resource. It is an unbelievably undervalued asset for any trader and one that we should all be "long" in. Cheers!


Discord User

Can't thank you enough because you helped me get out of a loss and turn it into a gain. I was fortunate to have receive your help on StockTwits when I messaged you. Keep up the good work and let's make some money. #Blessed.


StockTwits follower

Granted I am new, I have learned more here in one week then the past year piecing things together. Learning material puts all things in one place to study when there's down time. While simply following the trading room has been worth its time in gold. Even though I am unable to trade with the frequency I'd like due to insufficient funds for such a trader, I have done staggeringly well with holds over night and positions this past week.


Discord User

 Thanks for this one tiny observation by you Monday Cranmer00. When I saw it I did some DD, bought 150,000 sh. & pocketed over $6,150. Thanks again (Evolution Trading).


Discord User


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